M18 Cylindrical ThermometersSA-80 Series


Measurement temperature range: 0 to 200℃ / 0 to +400℃

  • Easy installation and excellent environmental resistance
  • High-speed response time of 100ms/90%
  • IO-Link network supported (SA-80T-4IO)
  • Wide field of view of φ80mm at 500mm
SA-80 Series
  • Easy installation and excellent environmental resistance

    · M18 cylindrical housing with IP67 rating against dust and water
    · Heat resistance up to 70°C, 158 °F
    · SUS housing and silicone lens for superb resistance against noise to perform accurate and stable measurement

  • High-speed response

    Achieves a response time of 100 ms/90% for quick measurement.

  • IO-Link network supported (SA-80T-4IO)

    Various data, such as listed below, can be exchanged with control systems,via IO-Link and field networks.
    Cyclic data exchange:
    Alarm output, Measured temperature
    Process data of Peak hold value, Valley hold value or Internal temperature
    Acyclic data exchange:
    Emissivity, Alarm limits, Timer settings, Maintenance data and Events

  • Analog output(SA-80T-2A/-4A)

    Noise-resistant analog output: 4-20 mA.

  • Wide and long focusing

    Settings can be configured for a wide focus with an area diameter of 80 mm at a distance of 500 mm.