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Ultra High-Accuracy Laser Displacement SensorCDX series


World’s No. 1 Linearity

  • <NEW>
    Four models added
  • Newly developed image sensor: ATMOS
  • Direct Ethernet connection
  • Equipped with a Web Server
CDX series

A fusion of ultra high-accuracy and ease-of-use

<NEW> Newly added specular reflection type and short range type

We have accumulated decades of know-how since our first laser displacement sensor was introduced to market, measurement accuracy.
We arrived at a simple configuration by examining various user needs and are able to provide operability by way of a built-in Web server, a new concept for displacement sensors.
Featuring a fusion of ultra high-accuracy and ease-of-use, these laser displacement sensors feature an extremely high level of perfection.

  • Realize World’s No. 1 Linearity

    Featuring the World’s No. 1 linearity that easily satisfies the [+/-0.015% F.S.] catalog specification, CDX series models realize measurements with significantly higher levels of accuracy than the conventional model.

    * Workpiece angle: +/-0°, diffuse mode.
    For measurement conditions, refer to the footnote of Lineup/specifications.

  • Advanced optical system and highly-rigid body

    In order to enable ultra high-accuracy measurements to be performed, a specially-designed optical system and rigid body with an independent base unit structure have been adopted.
    Featuring advanced levels of both accuracy and high speed, causes of errors have been successfully shut out.

  • Equipped with Neo LD lens

    The light receiving lens has been customized to enable light reflected from the measurement target to be focused with high accuracy on the light receiving element. Error-causing spot distortions that arise due to lens aberration have been decreased significantly.
    Neo LD: Neo Low Dispersion