Laser Displacement SensorsCD2H Series


Best-in-class*, All-in-one Middle-range Sensors

  • Highest-in-class* Repeat Accuracy
  • Fastest-in-class* Sampling Period
  • Measurement in a long distance up to 1,200mm
  • Received light waveform can be displayed on OLED Display.
  • *Among laser displacement sensors with the repeat accuracy of 1μm
    (Investigated by OPTEX FA in November 2021)

CD2H Series
Highest-in-class*Repeat Accuracy and Sampling Period are achieved by originally developed ultra-sensitive C-MOS image sensor.
These features contribute quality improvement and faster operation of production lines in a broad range of manufacturing.
CD2H Series is the C-MOS Laser Displacement Sensor that achieves the Fastest-in-class Repeat Accuracy of 0.25μm and Sampling Period up to 133.3μs.
The long-range models that are capable to measure in a distance up to 1,200mm can be used in a wide range of application, such as measurement of a sheet-roll diameter and stack height.
The OLED display and IO-Link are supported as standard.
These are high-performance displacement sensors that support measurement requirements for high accuracy.
*Among laser displacement sensors with the repeat accuracy of 1μm
(Investigated by OPTEX FA in November 2021)

Reasons for first-in-class performance

Equipped with the ATMOS image sensor

  • The Best-in-class preformation is achieved by the ultra-sensitive ATMOS image sensor that was originally developed for the most advanced displacement sensor, CDX Series.

    ATMOS: Auto Tuning C-MOS

  • Only in the
    1. Feedback-free high-speed shutter

The unique algorithm realizes measurement without feedback process.
Real-time measurement is realized, as momentary errors of measurement and delay in response are eliminated.

  •  Stable detection even on metal objects
           with glossy surface - ATMOS

  •  Stable detection even on black objects
           - ATMOS

Fastest-in-class Sampling Period*

Highest-in-class Linearity*

This is especially effective for measurement in a long distance or wide range.

Long distance 700mm type:±0.1% of F.S.(200~700mm) /±0.3% of F.S.(700~1200mm)
*Among laser displacement sensors with the repeat accuracy of 1μm
(Investigated by OPTEX FA in November 2021)

Visualized various data on the display

Easy-to-read OLED display

  • Improved
  • Improved
    1. Menu texts can be displayed in 7 languages.
      Display of measurement values can be selected among 3 modes of relative value, analog output value and bar graph.
      Maintenance data, such as internal temperature and total operating time, can be, also, displayed for predictive maintenance.

 OLED display can display various measurement values and languages

Waveform of received light can be displayed

  • First in
    1. Monitoring of waveform helps to check amounts of received light and an installation angle.
      The masking function of unwanted ambient light is, also, available to reduce such interference.

 Waveform of received light can be displayed on the sensor itself

Wide lineup of measurement ranges

Narrow measurement ranges of displacement sensors have required to adjust installation or model of the sensors to measure the distance to objects.
CD2H-700 with the longest distance of measurement range of 700+/-500mm reduces work and time of setup changes.