IO-Link connection supported
  ● Easy integration in application with Fieldbus/IO-Link network
  ● Monitoring of light receiving level for sensing status and maintenance time prediction
  ● Parameter setting of sensitivity, ON/OFF mode and timer via network

Enhanced ambient illuminance resistance against sunlight, incandescent and LED lights
Brighter status indicators for remote status monitoring


Optical system Sensing range Model
NPN type PNP type
Retro reflective
Diffuse reflective
Limited diffuse


Through-beam Retro reflective Diffuse reflective Limited diffuse reflective
Model NPN Cable type Z4T-2500N Z4R-400N Z4D-100N Z4D-L09N
M8 connector type Z4T-2500CN4 Z4R-400CN4 Z4D-100CN4 Z4D-L09CN4
PNP Cable type Z4T-2500P Z4R-400P Z4D-100P Z4D-L09P
M8 connector type Z4T-2500CP4 Z4R-400CP4 Z4D-100CP4 Z4D-L09CP4
Sensing distance 25 m 0.01 to 4 m*1 0 to 1 m*2 10 to 90 mm*3
Light source 4-element red LED, Wavelength: 632 nm
Spot size Approx. ø1800 mm
(At distance of 25 m)
Approx. ø280 mm
(At distance of 4 m)
Approx. ø75 mm
(At distance of 1 m)
Approx. ø8 mm
(At distance of 90 mm)
Response time 500 μs or less
Hysteresis - - 20 % Max. 10 % Max.
Sensitivity adjustment 1-turn potentiometer or via IO-Link network
Indicators Output indicator: Orange, Stability indicator: Green
(No indicators equipped on through-beam type emitter)
Control output NPN/PNP Open collector, Max. 100 mA / 30 VDC,
Residual voltage 1.8 V Max.
Output mode Light ON / Dark ON by selection switch or via IO-Link network
IO-Link specification Ver. 1.1, Transmission rate: COM 3 (230.4 kbps),
Process data length: 4 byte, Min. cycle time: 1.0 ms
Timer function ON delay / OFF delay /One-shot only via IO-Link network
Cable connection Cable: 2m, ø3.8 mm / Connector: M8 4-pin
Protection circuit Reverse connection protection, Overcurrent protection
Rating Supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)
Emitter: 14 mA or less
Receiver: 20 mA or less
20 mA or less 20 mA or less 20 mA or less
EMC EMC directive (2014/30/EU)
RoHS RoHS directive (2011/65/EU), China RoHS (Directive 32)
Applicable standards EN 60947-5-2
NRTL Certification UL Recognized Component (Under development)
Ambient temperature –25 to +55°C (No freezing)
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH (No condensation)
Ambient illuminance Sunlight: 50.000 lx or less, Incandescent lamp: 5,000 lx or less
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude 1.5 mm,
2 hours in each of the XY and Z directions
Shock resistance 1000 m/s2 (Approx. 100 G), 3 times in each of the XY and Z directions
Protection category IP67
Material Housing: ABS, Front cover: PMMA
Weight without cable Approx. 10 g
Included accessories Instruction manual

*1. With the V-61 reflector.
*2. Using a 200 x 200 mm white sheet paper.
*3. Using a 100 x 100 mm white sheet paper.
*4. Not including control output load current.


  • Reflectors

    Model Feature
    V-61 Standard, 60.9 × 50.9 mm, 0.01 to 4 m
    V-42 Small, 42 × 35 mm, 0.01 to 2.4 m
    P45A Vertical, 54 × 12.4 mm, 0.01 to 1.4 m
    P25 Side mount, 32 × 14 mm, 0.01 to 1.6 m
    V-30 Ultra-small, 43 × 23 mm, 0.01 to 2.2 m

    M8 connector cables

    Model Feature
    M84CN-2S Straight, 2 m
    M84CN-5S Straight, 5 m
    M84CN-10S Straight, 10 m
    M84CN-2L L-shaped, 2 m
    M84CN-5L L-shaped, 5 m
    M84CN-10L L-shaped, 10 m
  • Mounting brackets

    Model Feature
    BEF-W100-B For cable type, Floor mounted
    BEF-W100-A For connector type, Back-mounted

    Protective mountig brackets

    Model Feature
    LK-S01 Floor mounted
    LK-S02 Wall mounted

    Slit masks (For Through-beam)

    Model Feature
    BL-W100 Width: 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm,
    2 sheets
    BL-100-M1-10pcs Width: 1 mm, Stainless steel,
    10 pieces
    BL-100-M05 Width: 0.5 mm, Stainless steel,
    2 pieces

    Anti-interference filter (For Through-beam)

    Model Feature
    BL-100-POLF POL filter, vertical and horizontal, 2 sets of each

● Mounting bracket is not included. Purchase as necessary.
● Reflector is not included with the retro-reflective type. Purchase an optional reflector.
● For the connector type, purchase an optional connector cable.
● For IO-Link connection with USB adapter and master unit, use 3rd party product in the market.

Circuit diagram

  • [NPN output]

  • [PNP output]

  • [Emitter for through-beam]

  • [M8 connector pin layout]


(Unit : mm)
  • Type A:Emitter optical axis B:Receiver optical axis
    Through-beam - 19(Emitter & Receiver)
    Retro-reflective 11.9 19
    Limited diffuse reflective 18.8

    Never use these products as sensing devices for personnel protection.
    Doing so could lead to serious injury or death.
    Before use please read an instruction manual.
    ● Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.