FASTUS Good Thinking, Good Future

FASTUS creates added value for Factory Automation.


We propose the most desirable solutions for customer satisfaction.


We develop innovative forward-thinking products that exceed customer expectations.

Quality, Cost and Delivery

We deliver high quality products at fair prices and timely manner.


We contribute to society and the environment through our business activities.

Adding new value to factory automation sensors

It is by exceeding expectations that we win trust. It is through perseverance that we form ties.
At FASTUS, in addition to providing exceptional quality, competitive prices, and top-notch service, it is our mission to create impressive products and services by always listening to the inner voice of the customer and comparing it against our values. We hope to continue to be a company that continues to create added value for factory automation sensors.
This is the brand promise entrusted to each and every FASTUS employee.

The aesthetics of addition according to FASTUS

At FASTUS we define addition as being simply the pursuit of our clear vision for the future.
We are dedicated to offering products and services with high added value and ensuring that they are priced appropriately so as to satisfy our customers.
When adding to something, we always ask ourselves if there is a universal value in doing so.
With a discriminating eye, we eliminate waste and select only what is necessary.

While there may be many companies in the world that pride themselves on the quality of the items they produce, at FASTUS we are not satisfied with simply creating top quality products.
We never compromise in any aspect of price, quality, and service.
In pursuit of our aims of delivering better products, creating a more sought-after brand, and becoming a unique and irreplaceable presence in the industry, we will seek out challenges that only we are capable of accomplishing.

Following a customer-focused strategy, we will create new innovations with a future-oriented outlook without being held back by preconceived ideas.
We are FASTUS.

  • Small displacement sensor with digital display type CD22 series
  • BGS sensor with digital display type
  • Color OCR camera unit MVS-OCR2 series
  • 2D displacement sensor LS series
  • Sensing LED Backlight OPF series
  • Low cost / Small type Z3 series
  • CC-Link through unit UC1 series
  • Amplifier for Displacement sensor CDA series
  • Long-Distance BGS Laser type TOF-L series
  • Sensin Coaxial Lighting OPX series
  • LED Lighting Controller with Ethernet Connectivity OPPD-30E series
  • BGS sensor with digital display type BGS-HDL series
  • Ultra-Compact Laser Distance Sensor TOF-DL series
  • Ultra High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor CDX series
  • Through-beam Edge Sensor TD1 series
  • Communication Unit UC1-EC EtherNet/IP UC1-EP
  • Industry-standard photoelectric sensor Z4 Series
  • Communication Units UC2-IOL
  • Digital Fiber Amplifier with IO-Link Interface D4RF Series
  • Laser Displacement Sensor CD2H series
  • IO-Link Master UR Series
  • IO-Link Hub UR-DS Series
  • IO-Link Supported BGS Sensor Z4B Series